Sunday, August 29, 2010

Road to True Capitalism - ii

The Indian government probably doesn't have clear idea on how to set the tribals in the path of welfarism. I'm not sure what other reasons could be given for the rejection of a mining project in regions belonging to the tribals. This point I'm making in the background of recent government decision to give 23% in the mining profits to the local tribals.

It should be noted here that I'm totally in dark how the government would identity the number of tribal families that would get the share. Also, what would be the minimum amount. I believe the minimum amount is paramount in any of these. I have already argued how a limited land distribution even in regions with enough water resources has not helped the farmers. The limited land would keep them in the static financial status for generations as even though it can satisfy their needs but cannot guarantee disposable income for their social mobility. The government exercise in this regard looks as if passing the guilt feeling to people.

This would be the case with the tribals too. Even though giving some share in the profit may look a lot civilized than giving complete monopoly to mining companies or allowing the tribals to worship their hill gods, it may not necessarily bring them out of their tribal economy to capitalist economy.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Road to True Capitalism - i

A society can make a transition from tribal to feudal society (most of the sedentary societies) or from tribal to capitalist society (Kerala and Tulu regions). A typical mode of transition is tribal-> feudal-> capitalist-> welfare. However, I have already explained how Kerala has moved from tribal-> capitalist-> feudal-> corrective capitalist (socialist) society. I was discussing this in the background of Naxalism.

The Naxalism even though it calls itself 'Maoist' isn't so. However, Indian mainstream Marxism was essentially Maoism. I was wondering how Indian tribals would make the transition. It appears the Indian government would like to move them from tribalism to capitalism.

Government is planning to give a share in mining profits to tribals. So, it looks as if the path is tribalism->capitalism-> welfarism* for them.

* It should be noted here that welfarism* ideals fall short of my true capitalism.
* the four alternate options that Blogger's word processor gave me for this word were 'welfare', 'wearisome', 'secularism' and 'vulgarism'.

Sunday, August 08, 2010

True Capitalist Society- i

There are only two economic models. Capitalism and Feudalism. Socialism is a correction to Capitalism. 

 In human history only Feudal economy has been practiced in its purity. Capitalism has always been bugged with feudal elements -which I'm going to discuss later. Socialism came up in regions where feudal power was in decline but the economy has not moved to true Capitalist self. Ironically, Socialism enforced state feudalism while rooting out family feudalism.

A true capitalism differs from feudalism in three aspects:
1. Inheritance of wealth
   Inheritance is everything in a feudal economy; it doesn't exist in a capitalist economy
2. Open competition
   Monopolization is the feudal mindset; whereas open competition is for true capitalism
3. Exploitation of earth resources and people
   Both are part of feudal economy; True capitalism only exploits earth resources

Generally, capitalism has shown feudal tendencies of (1).

The salient features of a true capitalist society are;
- Wealth (in the form of land, articles, businesses) can not be inherited. If a person dies his wealth goes to the state
- Every individual is free to make money by the exploitation of the resources. But his wealth will be distributed in the form of taxes and after his death - elaborated next;
      * In businesses, his share in the company goes to public and can be bought by anyone who is not part of his/her family
      * Land goes to the state which it can auction it and it can be brought by anyone who is not part of his/her family
      * Material possessions(house, jewellery) goes to the state which it can auction it and can be brought by anyone who is not part of his/her family
- Every male pays taxes. This part is explained in the subsequent part

But to create a true capitalist society the state needs to support children to grow into productive persons who can generate wealth.

However, since Homo Sapiens are sexual beings they are not really individuals and need at least one partner. Considering the case of heterosexuals only, the state needs to ensure that male and female are independent of each other. It is required to remove the cultural expectation of male-female bonding and create an environment for materialist bonding. In a true capitalist society, a productive -explained later- female is financially fully secure and a productive male is completely unsure of his future.  To achieve this it's required to:

- Provide education completely free. Thus create productive male and female.
- Social security to each and every female in the form of a house and unemployment benefit to live a life of middle-middle class standard
- Females are not to be taxed but males to be taxed 40-50% of their income. Male doesn't have any other materialist responsibility apart from his own self
- State has to take care of people in their old age contingent on their working years and tax payment history
- Voluntary childlessness should be taxed in the case of both males and females. Males may need to give additional 10% and females start paying tax rate of 50%