Sunday, August 17, 2014

City planning - 1

How should a city be developed? It should be planned in such a way that a future generation would be able to destroy everything easily and rebuild it from scratch.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Random Thoughts: Human tendency

There are many analyses of human regressive behaviours that in spirit try to explain but in reality legitimize  them. There could be is-ought fallacy in their usage but I feel many don't get it. One of them is;
In group identity:
    A research finds some kind of ingroup identity behaviours which would then used by others to explain hereditary castiest and racial behaviours. However, if you go through those studies there are many caveats for such behaviours. It depends on gender(mostly male specific) and other factors. If one observes caste, more than anything innate, it depends on societal factors like pride and shame, monetary and social profit. If one studies the caste associations and groups then one can observe imbalance in their camaraderie factor. These factors are something that need to be eliminated in a civilized society. However, people attributing the caste feelings to in-group love, forget that fact that they are legitimizing the factors which are inhuman. Even if their intention was to spread in-group love to whole of humanity, they fail to understand the implications of their words.

Some others:
- It's all bell curve
- It's all survival of the fittest
- Everything is like religion