Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Usefulness of Genetic Horoscope - IV_a

According to my SNP based traits, I'm a morning person. However, in my opinion, I'm neither. Now, another research says, morning persons are more likely to see 'the dress' as white and gold. Well,  I indeed saw it as white and gold. Time to change my life routine completely then.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

A Tulu Spirit and contemporary incidents

For some reason, the life of Radhika/Rohith Vemula reminds me the legend of one of the Tulu spirit(daiva)s, Kordabbu (Kodi Kandala Babbu).

Babbu was born in an underprivileged(Dalit) family but was adopted by a privileged(Bunt) family. But unlike Radhika Vemula’s adoptive parents(relatively privileged), Babbu’s parents actually took care of him. His nature blossomed in the nurture of his privileged family and he grew up into a brilliant man. However, just like Radhika/Rohith, Babbu couldn’t escape the reality of being a Dalit. His excellence in life wasn’t tolerated by the privileged castes and they tried to kill him. His adoptive parents were helpless.

Many spirits in Tulu and Malayalam regions have similar stories. Men and women from underprivileged castes becoming victims of the caste prejudice. Since the spirit media mostly come from the same castes, Marxists theorists opine that, it’s a way for underprivileged castes to create a safe space for themselves in the casteist oppressive regions. While Brahmin priests controlled the evil ghosts to have a hegemonic control over the population, Dalit spirit priests, created benevolent/malevolent spirits to protect themselves from privileged caste oppression.

In Tulu regions, Spirit is also called ‘Satya’ or truth. I suppose it’s about the words that the spirit says through the medium. However, the stories behind these spirits in fact opens us to many ‘Satya-s’ about the society.

Sometimes I wonder whether the legend of Kordabbu is just a case against casteism or something more. 

As I mentioned above, the privileged caste tried to kill Babbu as they couldn’t stomach a Dalit excelling in life. They threw him into a well and covered the top with a stone. He cries for help. A woman called Tanniga Maniga comes to the rescue. She destroys the stone and throws her sari down for him to climb up. She asks him not to look at her uncovered body. However, he does. Later, he accepts his mistake and undergoes punishment.

So even though, Kordabbu becomes a spirit or daiva, he’s not blemishless. The story doesn’t end as a mirror of casteism, it goes further. It shows even the champion of the anti-casteism isn’t beyond committing sexism on his own. Reminds me the allegations against the director of Sairat.

I suppose the truths of casteism and sexism that those Dalit thinkers of the yesteryear wanted to convey through these daivas had lost in their utilitarian purposes.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

True Capitalist Society - III

When Ian Grillot tried to intervene in the racist attack against two Indians, he wasn't giving blue prints for free market economy. He was Chernyshevsky's ideal male at that point of time.

The ideologies of present day society require new terminologies. The traditional right and left no longer holds good to describe the present political structures. The terms like centre-right, centre-left or centrist make no sense. It's as if, they are a compromize when in fact they represent evolved ideologies.

Previously, the right used religion to control the poor and supported free market economy. The left used economic disparity to organize the poor and working class and strived for secular socialist society. Now, the left has adopted a Keynesian economics (though nobody knows the tenets of capitalism in the first place, apart from the uncontrolled greed) and the right has added populism to their religiosity to bring the poor and the working class to their fold.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Usefulness of Genetic Horoscope - IV

The DNA Land guesses some of the traits based on the SNPs. It's a mixed bag for me.

1. Circadian rhythm: I'm  'likely a morning person'. In my opinion, I'm neither.

2. Coffee: It says 'lower than average consumption'. But I'm not sure whether it asks me to consume fewer cups or I'm destined to drink fewer cups(which I'm not). However, I cut my coffee consumption after I came to know that I metabolize caffeine slower than the average (which is bad for cardiovascular health, supposedly).

3. Educational Attainment: It seems my genes predict 14.1 years of education(which is actually lower than the number of years that I've put, 18). However, I tend to agree with the prediction here. I tend to believe I do have interest in learning things but not in the kind of education system that we have. However, I don't clearly have the alternatives too.

4. Neuroticism: I've a 'low tendency towards neuroticism'. By definition,
Neuroticism is one of the personality traits included in the commonly-used five factor model and is defined as having a tendency to experience negative emotions, such as anxiety, depression, excessive shyness and self-consciousness, and difficulty dealing with stress. 
 Not sure. I think I do feel 'guilt' and 'anxiety' even though not to the extent that disrupts my life but which certainly hinders me to undertake anything that involves risk.

5. Eye Colour: I'm 'likely to have brown eyes'. If by brown they mean black then it's correct.

6. Height: It says I'm 'likely to be short'. I agree. Then they go on putting a number to that, 152cm, with a 'fair' confidence. I'm just euphoric. I've beaten that by a good 19cm.

7. Nearsightedness: As it predicts I'm 'slightly nearsighted'. The number they put is -1.7 diopters. This is close to my right eye power (-1.75) whereas my left eye is -0.5.

Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Lessons from Hillary's defeat - I

The features of women liberation ends up humiliating majority women who have no chance to emancipate themselves from the patriarchal world. This could be similar in case of casteism. The anti-casteism ends up humiliating majority lower castes as they don't have a chance to marry outside the caste.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Terror Attacks - III

The casualties in the latest terror attack on an army establishment at Uri, Kashmir is really disturbing. It's the second attack in the same area in the last two years. It's unclear whether there were any 'lessons learnt' from the first attack. Will there be any accountability? I know many Hindutvites boasting about the hawkish officers in the establishment. This kind of brainwash from the 'natural patriots' will ever allow the question of accountability even in cynical discourse? The home minister boasts using state power to suppress the dissenting voices. Will there be any introspection from the Hindutva supporting middle class whether the government has got the definition of danger to national identity correct and whether it has set right priorities in tackling the problems?

Friday, August 05, 2016

Right-Left polarization in India

One of the obvious fallout of right-wing government in India is the legitimacy of right-wing ideas. This has forced many to take clear stance on right and left wing ideas and support or oppose hypocrites who tend to fall in those two categories.

The Times Now TV presenter, Arnab Goswami, was nothing more than a cacophonous joker on Indian TV but now he has gained more weight-age as a spokesperson of right-wingers. Instead of laughing at him, it has become necessary to oppose him. On the other hand, Barkha Dutt, a nuisance from feudal liberals (privileged with a sense of entitlement but not a bigot), is championing the leftist cause. It's just frustrating.

Friday, July 15, 2016

The least democratic government ever?

Can the present government get away with its blatant misuse of police and judiciary (lower rung)? We badly need reformation of police in terms of;
- political influence
- communalization

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Random Thoughts - Love_Lust

I was fascinated by the musings in this article in case 'the gay gene' is discovered. The scenario presented there, I felt, is actually bit depressing. However, since the author, Brandon Ambrosino, has mentioned that he had been criticized for this thoughts, I'm not sure if those questions have been addressed or not.

However, in my model of human sexual orientation, it doesn't look like the author was gay by choice. He mentions that;
I even went so far as to fall in love with one. To this day, she and I joke about how she was the only girl I was ever in love with, and how I would’ve been quite happy marrying her.
How do I explain that I was honestly in love with a woman? Some people might argue that I am innately bisexual, with the capacity to love both women and men. But that doesn’t feel like an accurate description of my sexual history, either.
He is correct in feeling that the word bisexual doesn't explain his sexual history. I believe he is a typical homosexual-heteroamoural person. He needs to consider that love and lust are two different feelings.

So the present list includes:
Heterosexual-Heteroamoural -> Anna Karenina (Fictional, Anna Karenina), Max Weber
Heterosexual-Homoamoural -> Nick Carraway (Fictional, The Great Gatsby), Tom Daley
Heterosexual-Inamoural -> Emma Bovary (Fictional, Madame Bovary)
Homosexual-Homoamoural ->  Uncle Frank (Fictional, Little Miss Sunshine)
Homosexual-Heteroamoural -> Francis Bacon, Freddie Mercury, Chirlane McCray, Brandon Ambrosino
Homosexual-Inamoural -> ?
Asexual-Heteroamoural-> Emy, a French woman
Asexual-Homoamoural -> ? 
Asexual-Inamoural -> ?

Friday, June 24, 2016


I suppose intellectuals from minorities should move to far-right movements in Europe. Their goal should be to denounce multi-culturalism. In its place, should promote non-culturalism in the form of secularism as a face of Europe. Only individual rights should matter and not communal rights of an individual.

Or, one should hope that rise of far-right would make Europe economically unstable and socially backward thus making it irrelevant.