Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Road to True Capitalism - i

A society can make a transition from tribal to feudal society (most of the sedentary societies) or from tribal to capitalist society (Kerala and Tulu regions). A typical mode of transition is tribal-> feudal-> capitalist-> welfare. However, I have already explained how Kerala has moved from tribal-> capitalist-> feudal-> corrective capitalist (socialist) society. I was discussing this in the background of Naxalism.

The Naxalism even though it calls itself 'Maoist' isn't so. However, Indian mainstream Marxism was essentially Maoism. I was wondering how Indian tribals would make the transition. It appears the Indian government would like to move them from tribalism to capitalism.

Government is planning to give a share in mining profits to tribals. So, it looks as if the path is tribalism->capitalism-> welfarism* for them.

* It should be noted here that welfarism* ideals fall short of my true capitalism.
* the four alternate options that Blogger's word processor gave me for this word were 'welfare', 'wearisome', 'secularism' and 'vulgarism'.

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