Thursday, October 02, 2008

Origins of Indians: Version 4.1

Munda Invasion Theory(MIT):
To go along with my Semitic Introgression Theory(SIT), I am proposing one more theory to account for spread of Austro-Asiatic languages.

The popular theory of Aryan Invasion Theory proposed by the anthropologists with parsimonious data envisages male mediated invasions of IE speakers to the subcontinent massacring/enslaving local men and taking up the local women. However, north Indian population do show non-Indian specific mtDNA lineages.

I have already proposed that IE speakers(R1a1 people) migrating to the subcontinent probably thousands of years before the putative Aryan invasion.

But male mediated invasion fits well with Mundas of India. Though their Y-Haplogroup Chromosome O2a is generally observed in South China and SE Asia, all their mtDNA lineages are native Indian or they don't have any East Asian lineages. So it appears Mundas invaded eastern India and took up native Dravidian women.

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