Thursday, October 16, 2008

Approach to Comparative Anthropology - II

5. Neither language nor culture are neutral attributes.
6. Archaeology has limitations due to;
6.1 Scarcity of data due geographical constraints
6.2 Inability to detect assimilations
7. Founder effect
8. Statistical age calculation methods that aren't real
9. Creation of nodes based on;
9.1 Observation of consistency of haplogroup distribution across isolated tribes
9.2 Observation of haplogroup distribution in surrounding non-tribal population
10. Fitting comparative philology and archaeology data to the distribution of male and female neutral markers.


Jhangora said...

Talking of anthropology,the Quetzalcoatl forum has not been accessible for a few days.Do u know what the reason is manju?

Manjunat said...

Yeah, I too noticed that. But I don't have any idea.

Ren, Ibra, Black man, if you happen to drop by please let us know.

Ibra said...

Quetzalcoatl is back up again. I don't know the cause but I can speculate that it was zetaboards updating their server.

Manjunat said...

Yes, it's up again.