Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tapasam and Payyannur Pattu

I was searching for supposedly the earliest extant Malayalam work 'Payyannur Pattu'. I found editor Dr. Scaria Zacharia's email address on web and mailed him. He is part of an organization called "Tapasam". Dr. Zacharia has been very helpful in sending the books.

About Tapasam(from their site);

The Association for Comparative Studies (ACS) is an academic forum, meant to promote culture and knowledge. In Kerala the Association is popularly known as TAPASAM.

It is a society registered (Reg. No.K.472/95) under the Travancore Cochin Literary, Scientific and Charitable Societies Regn. Act XII of 1955. The ACS seeks to promote excellence in the academic life in Kerala, especially among post-graduate students, research scholars and teachers by encouraging comparative and interdisciplinary studies in different fields and by facilitating effective communication among scholars of different disciplines. It seeks to emphasize and promote Kerala studies. The Association intends to provide facilities for research work; encourage research publication; and organize seminars, lectures and orientation courses. The annual conference of the Association gives an opportunity for young scholars to present papers on different themes and interact with senior experts.

We are interested in collaborating with similar academic organisations. We are already working in academic collaboration with Hermann-Gundert-Gesselschaft, Germany.

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