Sunday, May 25, 2008

Antidote to Pakistan's ills

I think Pakistan should change its name to Meluhha. Probably, people east of Indus calling it "Melusha" and west of Indus "Meluhha". By population genetics the biggest block of Pakistani population is native South Asian. According to my loose calculations, around 35% of Pakistanis have native South Asian lineages( the lineages that do not have any identity outside South Asia). The rest 65% must be divided between West Asia, Central Asia, Europe and East Asia and I don't think any of them match up South Asian numbers on their own.

I hope this name change would trigger an entire new outlook about their identity. This new realization may liberate them from their present identity.

But the greatest change I would expect among irrationally irritating Homo Heidelbergensis from Lemuria.

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