Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Blunders of Dravidian Movement

I think the Dravidian movement failed because of the following reasons.

1. Tamil centric political movement
     The movement didn't even spread to all the Dravidian regions and was confined to Tamil Nadu only. Instead of getting into politics, it should have become a social movement.

2. Lack of broader vision
     The Dravidian identity in those times was not just a linguistic identity but also was an ethnic identity. In this sense, it should have been pan-Indian movement encompassing all of the lower castes (OBCs and Dalits) of North India.

3. Misguided self-respect
    As long as self-respect meant rejecting humiliations heaped upon the castes by the purity-pollution rules, it was fine. However, when it became taking pride in your caste and thus developing a kind of tribal identity it became dangerous. The self-respect has turned into caste pride which has undermined homogenization process of Dravidian castes.

4. Quasi-patriarchal
     The leader of the Dravidian movement, E V Ramasamy, sent mixed signals on women's role. But it's still radical in those days. However, it doesn't seem to have changed much in case of Tamil society.

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