Monday, November 23, 2015

India should send troops to fight ISIS - ii

I would think, the fight against ISIS must involve Asian forces or Asian forces exclusively. This is especially critical for India.

With a right-wing government in place and as of now showing little statesmanship in handling crazies in their flock, there is a danger that the radical Islam with its nihilistic approach would attract more and more Indian Muslims. There is no point blaming Hindutvites at the time (and rightwingers don't understand logical reasoning anyway) when Islamic crazies strike. The point is retaliation against the rightwing stupidity doesn't differentiate between rightwing or leftist so one has to be prepared for such an eventuality.

This requires Indian forces (both armed and police) having first hand expertise in fighting against the ISIS. This should also include developing scholarly understanding of their methods and popularity first hand. The goal of the fight against the ISIS need not be ending their tyranny but rather understanding and facing the radical and sociopath Islam.

I believe the best approach would be to create an Asian force similar to the African force. This Asian force should have mandate to interfere during turmoil in any Asian countries. The identity of this force should be completely Asian(even if the weapons are not).

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