Saturday, April 18, 2015

OBCs and Affirmative Action - III

I came across the following words at ESPNcricinfo.
With an unbeaten 222 in his debut Test innings, Jacques Rudolph vindicated those who believed he had been a victim of reverse discrimination in South Africa.

Now, I've hardly seen 'reverse discrimination' used in mainstream media. What discrimination are we talking about here exactly?

- Stereotyping an entire group
- Denying education to them
- Monopolising the land
- Claiming sexual privileges over their women

If reverse discrimination is true then we would have been talking on these points and not on individual isolated cases. In Jacques Rudolph's case, since Europeans have colonized so many countries, even he could have had a very successful career and life in other countries. In fact, it's true for any individuals in any society.

The phrase wouldn't have been used had they understood the implications of it. However, the sense of entitlement is so great in their privileged self that they can hardly ponder over it.

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