Friday, July 05, 2013


My cousin now into his late twenties probably has the similar social withdrawal condition which in Japanese is called Hikikomori. He exhibits all the symptoms described in the article and psychiatrist consultation hasn't helped. But I wonder whether it's parental expectation (which as far as I know never really existed) or the person's perceived notion about societal expectation based on his perceived identity through societal expressions.

From the article:
  • Andy Furlong points out that young people in Western societies frequently "take time out" in gap years or have "false starts" on careers or courses without attracting stigma

I wonder how much financially feasible is that  for many families even if there is no stigma attached.


milieu said...

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Off-topic, but I thought of sharing this article which might interest you.
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Manjax Wafer said...

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Thanks for the pointer. Yes, I have read the article and am planning to write a blog post.