Monday, October 08, 2012

Random Thoughts - Love_Lust

I haven't read Plato to have an opinion whether his 'Platonic love' is really about non-sexual love ( or love) between males or sexual love ( or lust) between them. Let me consider the term's general description as a non-sexual love between males. Since the recent studies of the brain have shown that the areas that get activated during love and lust are mostly mutually exclusive, I consider 'Platonic love' is a valid term. I'm going to redefine it as 'Homoamourality' and thus apply to both men and women. The lack of love between the same sex people would be then 'Inamourality'.

I suppose a person can be classified into the following categories:

1. Heterosexual and Heteroamoural
2. Homosexual and Homoamoural
3. Heterosexual and Homoamoural
4. Homosexual and Heteroamoural
5. Asexual and Heteroamoural
6. Asexual and Homoamoural
7. Heterosexual and Inamoural
8. Homosexual and Inamoural
9. Asexual and Inamoural

I believe for a deep same sex friendship, persons need to be homoamoural. If they are either heteroamoural or inamoural then they find it difficult to develop friendship with the same sex.


anilkurup said...

That is a pretty good collection to add to the sexual lexicon.
Platonic? Wonder if Plato was confident about that.

Manhun(ಮಂಞುನ್/മഞ്ഞുന്‌) said...

Platonic? Wonder if Plato was confident about that.

Considering many types of orientations based on preferred partner for either love or lust, I would suppose Platonic can be true for certain percentage of the population but false for others. If Plato was either (2), (3) or (5), he could have been confident.