Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Random Thoughts - Love_Lust

This article on Asexuals is inline with the previous findings that love and lust are mutually independent feelings. According them, asexuals can be divided into 'romantic asexuals' and 'aromantic asexuals'. An asexual can fall in love with other person.

As implied, sexuals are defined by the presence of 'lust' and asexuals by the lack of it, not only that, both sexuals and asexuals can be defined by the presence or absence of 'love'.

So, humans can be;
- Sexually romantics
- Asexually romantics
- Sexually aromantics
- Asexually aromantics

However, a sexual individual's orientation could be any of these combinations based on the person s/he meets.

If I think about it there could be persons who lack the feeling 'love' completely just as some people lack 'lust'. I think these people are yet to 'come home'. So, when I talked about presence or absence of love in the beginning it's about mutual phenomenon. But lack of love can be a self phenomenon just like lack of lust.


anilkurup said...

I prefer to go with the first.

Manhun(ಮಂಞುನ್) said...

If you are a sexual individual then it's impossible to have a single orientation.

Of course, this is not about 'preference' but the way a person is. By preference a sexual can be asexual and vice versa, I suppose. There is no physical/biological hindrance to it as far as I know.

Manhun(ಮಂಞುನ್) said...

But if you have pigeonholed yourself to be of a single orientation then there can be many miscommunications in your relationships with other persons.

anilkurup said...

I cannot understand much of what you say. But the fact is with my relationship with women , I can see it more a sexual romantic. It is the female sex that attracts and not some intellectual properties of the women alone.

Manhun(ಮಂಞುನ್) said...

Intellectual properties of a person aren't relevant here. You are basically describing yourself as a heterosexual and nothing more.

Sometimes extreme cultural views like 'conquest' or 'indifference' blur our natural views and make us comply with them.

Anyway, you might have gotten closer to only those women with whom you felt sexually romantic attachment and ignored others with whom you felt only sexual attachment or only romantic attachment.

Please note, this series of posts is dependent upon;
- one scientific finding that excited brain parts for love and lust are almost independent of each other
Which is supported by few examples.
- Asexuals can feel love
- Example from history where a famous figure (Francis Bacon) exhibited lust in homosexual orientation and love in heterosexual orientation