Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Moral Individual - iia

In my last post I argued that 'pain' develops 'self-pity'. Then self-pity through feedback mechanism develops into 'empathy' to others. I mentioned causes could be physical, psychological and financial. However, I should have restricted myself to physical causes only as the whole discussion was around our basic instincts.

One of the causes I mentioned, psychological, need not be independent. This could be because of societal norms. I believe self-pity in such situations results in insecurity. The cause of physical pain is obvious but the cause of psychological pain is hard to understand. In such situations any empathy that one develops probably meaningless or misguided.


anilkurup said...

This is the first time I'm here in this Blog. And was prompted to come here after reading your apt ,beautiful and deserving comments on KPJ's "Pareltank".
But the pity is some people take a sharp tap on the knuckle to mean a compliment , or they try to think so. I do appreciate ones right to think in ones on way, but most of the observations and comments of KPJ only make me squirm, because she was a teacher. And if teachers have closed ,minds well...!

As for the observation you made in this post of yours, I guess I see reason to agree, about the waste of empathy on a mentally tortured state.

manju said...