Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Random Thoughts - V

What if there is an Indo-Pak war? India and Pakistan will suffer but the world will be a better place for everyone else.


milieu said...

I remember a quote from Nassim Nicholas Taleb going like "We have known, since the time of Napolean, that it is extremely hard to predict the outcome of a war". In the present days, this is ringing truer and truer.

manju said...

Is it just about the outcome of a war or something more?

I have seen opinions that in present times you can win a war but you cannot sustain your possession.

I suppose now there are too many people in an occupied country with a nationalist identity to control the land or sustain the gains of a war. I mean it was easier for Romans to kill all men above the age of 13 but that is not possible in present times.