Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Race and Medicine - i

A recent study on Indian genetics made an unqualified statement that it would help in medical research on specific disease prevalence among endogamous castes. Anyway, number of people in each caste may range from few thousands to few crores. I suppose, they need to identify each caste group as < state name >.< district name >.< village name >.< caste name >.< sub caste name > to proactively identify the salient diseases. Though in hindsight prevalence of certain diseases among Indians could be attributed too much inbreeding in the form of caste. However, that doesn't need any caste specific studies. But I don't think even that is a credible explanation considering different caste sizes and almost uniform presence of diseases. That probably has to do with our behaviour, environment and food habits.

Today I came across a study on prevalence of Diabetes among African Americans and European Americans. From the article:
The study, available online in advance of publication in the October 2009 edition of the Journal of General Internal Medicine, found that when African Americans and whites live in similar environments and have similar incomes, their diabetes rates are similar, which contrasts with the fact that nationally diabetes is more prevalent among African Americans than whites.

Via Science Daily

Not sure whether generally Population geneticists overlook to nullify 'other conditions'. Though some of the race promoters may do so.

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