Sunday, August 16, 2009

How to Make an Indian Baby

Cross an African with a Chinese and you get an Indian? Still believable, I believe. Not as dumb as few population genetics morons' interpretation that you should in fact cross European male and Chinese female.

Via Pharyngula

It seems in the above spoof those non-Indian girls are atheists (I guess non-religious is euphemism for atheism). But the Indian girl is "actually" a Hindu. Now that is a problem. There are atheist Hindus who are generally communals or castiests. The regular atheists do not identify with their religion of birth. I am positive that a Hindu atheist when asked to be part of that video would have angrily said, "Why it has to be a Hindu. We are an easy prey. Aren't we? Try to get a Muslim girl and do your spoof".

That being the case, I am sure that that is a believer Hindu. A believer Hindu taking part in a parody of Christians by atheists only goes on to show she is intellectually challenged. That is not a sin. At least in Indian context believers are normal people and atheists are abnormals. So I have nothing against her.

The problem is what those light skinned atheists were thinking when they asked a believer to be part of that video. They should have selected an atheist Indian girl. They must have thought dark skinned intellectually challenged Hindu is beyond mockery. I am afraid that smacks of racism.


Maju said...

I can understand maybe that they are as outragingly ignorant as to know nothing about India or South Asia but all that nonsense of Jesus, hell and all that is just way too ignorant and intolerant. And worse: it's too real! :(

Not sure what to say about that issue of "crossing": it's also nonsense. If you go by genetics the closest thing to a South Asian is a West Eurasian and vice versa. And it's something quite evident also in phenotype. These moronic kids just can see skin color, nothing else.

Manjunat said...

But that video is just a joke...

Maju said...

Are you sure?

Manjunat said...

I learnt about 'Poe's Law' after watching it.