Saturday, April 25, 2009

Essence of Male - i

What is a male being?

Is male essentially a Heterosexual? No.
Is male essentially a Homosexual? No.
Is male essentially a Bisexual? No.

Male is Asexual.

What makes a male? Y-chromosome.
What is a Y-chromosome? An asexual chromosome.

The essence of male is the essence of its Y-chromosome.

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Maju said...

How ironic that the chromosome that allows sexual reproduction to happen is asexual!

I would therefore not say that "male is asexual" as you do because while the Y chromosome does not recombine like the rest in sexual reproduction it is the one that, among mammals, allows precisely that to happen. We guys are sexual because our "asexual" Y chromosome makes us that way.

Yah, kind of ironical.