Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Freud was completely wrong...again

I think this new study complements the previous one. The previous study discussed positive effect of mothers on daugthers; this study examines the negative effect. In both the cases, sons are immune.

From the article:
Researchers found that girls whose mothers played mental games with them like making them feel guilty or withdrawing expressions of love reported much higher levels of depressive symptoms and lower levels of personal agency.

Psychological control did not affect the psychological well-being of boys.


Maju said...

Yah, Freud was wrong in the Oedipus/Electra syndrome thing. But I don't make any sense of boys being immune to mothers' emotional manipulation either... unless all boys happen to be just emotonally insensible overall.

Anyhow, you should point in what was wrong Freud, because after all his work is wide. But yes: Oedipus is just a weird idea, IMO both genders are mother-dependent and fathers play just a secondary role, almost like any other relative. This is logical if you think that the emotional ties in the womb and while breastfeeding are created with the mother and no one else.

Manjunat said...

I think I have already said that Freud is wrong about mother's influence on son. I think it study gives credibility to the previous one.

Not related to the topic. There is a Kannada folk story about instestuous relationship between a mother and son.