Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Usefulness of Genetic Horoscope - i

One reason the tests have proved controversial is that they can measure only the genes that studies have linked to certain conditions - not the many that have yet to be discovered.



Maju said...

I was just reading that article before jumping to the blogroll.

Guess that, at least at the current state of knowledge, they can only tell us so much.

Worth 500 bucks? If you know your family has some special genetic risks, maybe. If you are an affluent hypocondriac, maybe too. I magine they give you a copy of the whole personal genome, so guess it's also ok for the genetically curious.

Ravi Mundkur said...

Manju, The title 'Realm of Manjusri' is fine. I think you should not have added 'the idle speculator' tag that looks somewhat self-depreciating.

Manjunat said...

Well, Realm of Manjusri is what I think and the idle speculator what the others think. I need not necessarily agree with the others but both can live together, I suppose :-).