Sunday, December 02, 2007

A Basque Proverb

A blog is the appropriate space for those who only want to hear themselves.


Ravi Mundkur said...

Is it a recent proverb created after the genesis of blogs?

Manjunat said...

:-). It is just an outburst of one angry Basque friend.

Maju said...

You should explain that it was meant as conrast to what a forum is: a place of exchange of ideas.

A blog is the place to expose your own ideas with minimal or even null interference. Better for certain personalities than a forum.

That's what I meant.

Manjunat said...

Good to hear you again, Maju!

Regarding the proverb, well, no explanation is required. It can stand on its own :-).

By the way, nice to see you have started a new blog.

Maju said...


Regarding my blog: I needed a place to express my opinions, even if nobody cares about them. In my case it may be a matter of karma: partnerships and I don't get along easily, it seems.

Manjunat said...

You reminded me a Kannada song.
...I don't sing for want of an audience;
Singing is my unavoidable karma...

Is that your final analysis of blogging?

Maju said...

Nothing is final (save death).

Anyhow, different contexts require different "analysis". Though I never thought I was analyzing blogging as such.