Sunday, January 07, 2007

Identities -1

The identities in Indian context show a strange mix of ignorance, hypocrisy and shortsightedness. Ignorance, of course, has nothing to do with lack of knowledge but the unscientific knowledge from folklore and from the interpretations of the parsimonious explanations of anthropologists. While ignorance and hypocrisy work at community level ; shortsightedness work at individual level.

This applies to a community in two different societies. Here the migrant community might develop a kind of identity that has nothing to do with the identity of that community in its former homeland. In fact, the new identity may turn up to be out of character to the original identity.

A community in two different spheres of influence. It takes two definitions of its identify. From a neutral point of view those two may sound diagonally opposite. But this is required considering the position of that identity in two different spheres. But the fact remains that one definition negates the second.

The reason for this could be sense of belonging not only with his identity but with other identities part of his/her sphere. This identity involves a father and son. A person can rebel thinking he can change the society or remain slave with a sense of helplessness whatever might be his intelligence or financial situation. However, a son without the shortsightedness born out of sense of belonging may find himself prisoner of proud or unfortunate legacy of his father. But his sense of non-belonging without any actual act of creating one identity for himself(if it is possible) may force him to face the mockery of his ideals, as he is still part of his father's identity, throughout his life .

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