Sunday, December 03, 2006

Origins of Indians: Version 6.0

All these lineages pre-historic. Aborigine lineages are more than 20000 years old. Only major clans are given.

Male lineages(Y-Haplogroup):
Aboriginal Indians: C, C5, F, G, H,H1,H2, R,R2, J1
Aryans: R1a1
Dravidians: J2, L1, L3
Munda*: O

Female lineages(mtDNA):
Aboriginal Indians: South Asian specific M subclades, U2i, U7, W
Aryans: H?, U2e?
Dravidians: J2?, N1a? U4? (none of these observed among Dravidian speakers till now, but I am waiting for studies on Tulu speakers)
Munda: F

Munda here includes both Austro-Asiatic and Sino-Tibetan tribes of North East.

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