Saturday, October 28, 2006

The Tala people -II

I put forward Tala people hypothesis some time back. And recently I speculated that IVC might have spoken a Caucasian language. Some linguists believe Basque (Euskara) language, a language isolate in Western Europe, could be part of Caucasian language. Curiously, there is some coincidence here.

According to me , tala changed to buru in North-West of the Subcontinent(or vice versa in different direction). Hence we have communities like Burushos and Brahuis. What about Basque people? "tala" in Malayalam(tale in Kannada) means "head". Incidentally "buru" in Basque also means "head". Probably, Caucasian spekars were once wide spread, stretching from the Subcontinent to Iberian peninsula.

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