Friday, September 01, 2006

Genographic project and Y-Haplogroup R2 -update

Spencer Wells has acknowledged that my ancestors didn't migrate Westwards and hunted Neandertals. In fact, they moved south and became one of the earliest inhabitants of South Asia. However, the ancestor group that he mentioned were descendents of Y-Haplogroup R*(M207) and not R2. For Genographic project Haplogroup R2 is still a mysterious lineage as they don't have many samples. Well, data could be found if more Bengalis, Orissans, Telugus, Srilankans and Tulu tribes(coastal Karnataka and North Malabar region of Kerala) are sampled.

According to Dr. Wells, R* might have originated in southern Central Asia(I think that includes Afghanistan) or in northern India. Hmmm... Where is that? Is it subcontinent India or nation-state India? Is it only Burushos or do we have a surprise with Chitpavans?

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