Saturday, July 15, 2006

The original father of Dravidian speakers

Who is he? Is it Na(ya)na as the Telugus call their father? Or is it Ayya? Is it Appa? Is it Amme? Is it Acca?

Looks like the oldest form is Ayya. Telugu nana is bit surprising. And why majority Malayalee Hindus consider appa as derogatory? In fact, the Malayalee Hindus of Kasaragod always called their fathers appa (they were surrounded by Tuluvas who called their father amme) and for Kasaragod Malayalees acca was uncle! But Malayalee Christians use both appa and acca(ya). Many Malayalee muslims use abba, which definetely points towards Arabic influence.

I wonder if all of them are cognates. Is there some kind of metathesis on work in addressing terms of ones relatives?

eg. amma - mama
anna - nana (I thought this is in fact real Telugu father but another blogger thinks it should be nayana)
annayya - nayana (this is bit complicated, I just wanted to fit the curve)
atta - tata - dada
akka - kaka
acca - caca
appa - papa
abba - baba

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