Saturday, April 08, 2006


After India won the one day series against England, an Indian news channel broke the news under the caption "Brownwashed". I donot think I agree with that even if it was pun intended. I would consider it lack of imagination than mark of wittiness.

Who set those identity rules anyway? Do we really want to play by such unscientific, prejudiced and stereotyping rules? Giving legitimacy to those compromizing or middle way identities is hardly the sign of confidence. The derived identities like these help to gloss over the original identity's short comings and in fact makes it a master identity.

The identity we choose for ourselves must be strong enough to be a master identity. However, considering our weak position it should be at least exclusive, unburdened by any qualitative relation with other identities.

Of course, I support identity-free world. I think it will be a reality but not in my life span. Also, I donot think India will be the strongest country in my lifetime. Therefore, for the time being we should have an exclusive(but not indifferent) identity.

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