Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Random observations.

Kumari Kandam:
I was expecting a high Y-Haplogroup O (South East Asian - East Asian lineage) among Tamil castes. In my opinion the legend of Kumari Kandam was brought by these people. I was even encouraged by the observation of South-East Asian HLA alleles among Iyers, Nadars of Tamil Nadu. However, no luck. It looks like Y-Haplogroup O is observed only among tribals(who form 1% of Tamil Nadu population). But interestingly they are supposed to be later migrants. The later migrants who became tribals? I'm not really happy with that explanation. I feel something amiss there.

Will they be the first and only West Eurasian Brahmins in India(or predominantly with West Eurasian lineages)? I don't consider any of R1a1, J2, L, H, R2 as West Eurasian. However, R1b is. I suppose all the Haplogroup R1b persons migth have been wrongly identified with R1a(they might have tested positive for M173(R1) and negative for M17(R1a1)).
Check out the Marathi Haplogroups here. (Via Quetzalcoatl Anthropology forum).

Konkani Sarawsat Brahmins:
Previously, I have discussed about Konkani Saraswat Brahmins and Kashmiri pundits being the Dravidian priestly class representative in the North-West. They were historically known to be pure Shiva and Shakti worshippers. Since both of them are Indo-Aryans, I have tried to appropriate their surnames to further my claim. The common surnames of Konkani Saraswat Brahmins are;
Kamat, Shenoy, Baliga, Pai, Nayak.

Baliga : From Dravidian word bale = to grow
Find the reference here.

Kamat : From Dravidian word komati = trader
Find the reference here.

Nayak: It's very tricky. You find almost all the Nayaks in South India. This might have Nostratic origins (Find the reference here.) However, I feel Indo-Aryan Nayak might have Dravidian roots. Probably, the highest diversity(I like this argument) of Nayak is found in South India. That might show oldest origins of this word.
Kannada : Nayaka
Malayalam : Nayar
Telugu : Nayudu
Tulu: Nayaka, Nayara, Nanaya
Tamil: Naicker

Kannada and Tamil Nayaks look like derived from Indo-Aryan which inturn derived from Dravidian.

Malayalam and Telugu show sound changes in Dravidian context. Malayalam 'ra' - Telugu -'da'
eg: Andagara(Kn) - Andagada(Te)

Shenoy : I think it's original form is Shenawi; the sound change applied here is -w to -y
eg. Brohwi - Brahui
Gowi - Goyi ( A Srilankan caste)
However, I'm not sure of the origins of this word. My friend(a Shenoy himself) thinks it's derived from shANya (jANa(kn) = smart).

Pai: Again this should be Pawi or Pa...wi; No idea about the origins.

Kashmiri Pundits: The surnames Tikkoo, Mattoo look enticing. However, absolutely no idea about their meanings.

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