Sunday, October 31, 2004

End of Indus Valley Civilization : (1)

Today, I am going to start my series of arguments about the destruction of Indus Valley civilization. My opinions about this highly controversial and 'open to all' study has its origins in the quest for my identity started the day I observed my father was light skinned and my mother dark skinned. In normal circumstances females would be lighter skinned than males. Well, it's the case in most of the homogenous communities. And the scientific argument that I could put my eyes on till now says females need lighter skin because of their greater need to produce Vitamin D. And when I think about it I feel even after the centuries of strong endogamous custom many of Indian castes have not become homogenous. Atleast it looks like the case with my caste. Possibly its origin is more recent.
Then what are these different ethnic groups to which I belong? How do the pre Dravidians(Australoids?), and the mediterranean race of Indus Valley civilization interbred and created one of the highly mixed race of South India? There are theories of Nubian origin of Dravidians. But I will stick to my point of indegenous origin of dark Dravidians. After all Australoids were also dark skinned and could be found more close to us so that we don't have to go all the way to Africa to get dark coloured skin and curly hair. And I intend to give very active role for these people for the origination of Dravidians. Ofcourse this theory is purely objective but since I know the conclusions, I am making such obviously biased claims that I arrived at without any prejudices. Continued...

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